Monday, March 26, 2007

And Our Baby's Gender Is...

... unknown.

What a let-down. We've been looking forward to finding out the gender of our baby for some time now - the ultrasound date (projected and scheduled) has been prominently displayed on the calendar for months now.

And when we get to the actual looking, Baby decided to play games. E thinks Baby is shy. Me? I think the wee one is just plain ornery.

But we have a picture of our child waving at us. So that's something.

- V.


Anonymous said...

Well, look at it this way. If you make a wild guess, you have a fifty-fifty chance of being right!

elizabeth said...

ahhhhh! your baby is adorable already. and AHAM to V: must take after you, playing games (like teasing)... :)

i like E interp - shy.

very cute... too bad about the let down though... blessings on your little one... :)

LifeSpark said...

I'm in agreement with elizabeth about the genetic link...:>
Congrats, love and prayers to the 3 of you!