Thursday, March 29, 2007

11:35 pm

Tonight someone pulled a fire alarm. A different someone? The same someone? Almost undoubtedly someone in the same group of someones.

Apparently, the superintendent of my building has had a run-in with the pot smokers that like to lounge about in the stairwells. They didn't like being taken to task, and since have resorted to petty vandalism and public mischief (like the pulling of fire alarms) as a means to exacting revenge.

They have also harassed a gentleman who reported their activities to the authorities.

Canadians have a reputation for tolerance, in general, and tend to turn a blind eye to the usage of marijuana, specifically. Indeed, my own impressions were that pot smokers were easy-going people. Relaxed, laid-back, inoffensive and meek.

My perceptions are changing.

It is not pleasant to enter a building through a drug-laced haze.
It is offensive to encounter the signs of vandalism all about one's home.
It is wrong to pull people - especially children, the elderly, expectant mothers, the disabled - from their sleep.

Tonight someone pulled a fire alarm. It rang for thirty minutes, until the fire department arrived, and restored peace. Peace at last, peace at 11:35 pm.

- V.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps these formerly innocuous pot smokers have run out of pizza or munchies and are resorting to fire alarm pulling to distract pizza delivery people just long enough to steal a large Hawaiian with olives on half....

LifeSpark said...

Aha! The previous commenter knows what was on the pizza!
I think you've got your culprit!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I was the poor delivery guy......

LifeSpark said...

Hmm....I thought you looked familiar....

V & E said...

Come to think of it, and no kidding, twice out of the three recent alarm pulls a pizza delivery guy was at the front door attempting to deliver a pizza.

We would be going out, and he would be coming in.

Hey ... just think of the advertising potential there!

"Neither rain nor sleet nor snow nor gloom of night nor risk of fire shall deter a carrier from his appointed rounds. Forty minutes, or it's free."

- V.