Sunday, June 6, 2010

When it is time to commune ...

(Nothing heavy today. Just a reaction.)

When my priest comes through the Royal Doors, chalice in hand, he usually says something like this:

I invite all Orthodox to partake of the Holy Eucharist,
Provided they have prepared themselves
Through prayer,
They have fasted if they are able,
And they have confessed as it was needed.

Those visiting from a different parish are also invited to attend,
Provided they have prepared themselves
According to the expectations of their home parish,
According to the rule of their spiritual father.

Today I thought a bit more about this than is my wont. The first bit is your standard (non-ROCOR, non-Serbian) approach to confession, fasting & communion - the expectation of frequent communion with a heavy dollop of mercy for individuals.

The second bit, however, struck me as it has never struck me before. I like the humility there, the humility that says "I won't override your spiritual father".
I won't claim a better knowledge of what is needful for your salvation.
I will respect the paternal relationship you have with your spiritual father.
He will be greater; I will be less.

- V.

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s-p said...

Very good. I forwarded this to my priest.