Monday, June 21, 2010

Big Dairy/Wisconsin vs. Organic "Raw Milk" Farmer

The State of Wisconsin is persecuting ("prosecuting" by another name) raw milk dairy farmer, Vernon Herschberger.

From The Ochlophobist:

You can buy a pack of carcinogen filled menthol cigs in WI. You can purchase meat that came from animals living in the worst of infection laden environments and processed in facilities that are full of an apocalyptic amount of pathogens (facilities rarely bothered much by regulators until after folks get sick). You can buy 199 proof liquor. You can purchase powdered milk from China that has God knows what in it. But you are not supposed to buy raw milk from Vernon Hershberger. Why? Because Vernon Hershberger is not a corporation who writes the regulations which the government adopts for his industry. He is a threat to such corporations.

See also here, where Ochlophobist revisits the issue.


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