Friday, June 4, 2010

2010, and the Oil Spill

It is hard to believe that 6 months have past since I last set digital foot in the blogosphere.

Will this be a reinvestment of self into the site, or another flash in the pan (some noise, some light, but nothing of duration)? Time will tell, I suppose.

But between you and me, I am avoiding commitment.

The Wound caused by British Petroleum

The tragic. horrific. sickening. grievous. grief-causing arterial bleed in the Caribbean is big news, and doubtless has been covered and re-covered ad nauseum. What can a voice in the wilderness say?

My voice (in case this is your first time here, or in case you forgot) is that of a person who loves God's Creation, who loves the "environment" that uneasily embraces our urban sarcophagi. Don't expect pro-industry blathering here. However... and this is the however I haven't heard many say... However, only some of the fault lies with BP/Haliburton/Transocean. BP and the companies that worked with it and for it are only servants. Shoddy service, no doubt. However, their service, however poorly executed, was done to please and placate their master. Us.

We, and by "we" I mean industrialized society, need oil. We need it badly, that red crude the lifeblood of our luxury. But the easy wells are drained... and now we have only the tricky spots left. Alaska. The deep sea. Canadian tar sands. Middle Eastern war zones.

And so BP and its like go into these places for us, pushing technology to its limits, pushing people to their limits, and sometimes things don't go well. Sometimes there is war, and people die. Sometimes the technology is not enough, and the plundering of the depths becomes rapine.

In our just anger with BP, let us not forget that until this event, BP was a good servant. It provided us what we wanted at a price we could afford. There should be consequences to BP's recklessness, yes, but because BP was our servant, doing what we asked of it, we share in both responsibility and blame.

- V.

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