Friday, August 3, 2007

Update on the Boy

So, 'tis Friday.

First, B.'s X-ray showed nothing but what they expected to see ... gas, and no signs of the NEC. Second, the run of antibiotics finished today. Third, my boy started back on feedings (small amounts increased by even smaller increments), but on an "elemental predigested formula" as opposed to Similac, which the hospital here gives all preemies.

I've never been so delighted to see a child eat... and the suction power, the gusto!

It is a joy to have reached this point in B.'s hospital stay, and I thank God for His mercy.

- V.


Benjamin said...

Praise God. "..the only lover of mankind"

Anonymous said...

Likewise, Praise God.

churchmouse said...

Glory to God!

Your names and Benedicts' continue to be called aloud during the litanies at the Annunciation Cathedral.

Way to go little Benet! Keep sucking!

elizabeth said...

prayers continued! miss you all in church! we keep praying for you there... keep us updated!