Sunday, December 16, 2007

On Vaccination

Recently vaccination came up in our dialogue. Not surprising, this, as we are the proud parents of little B. It was bound to come up, either as simple acquiescence to the norm, or as a rebellion against that norm.

In the course of our dialogue, I with E. and we with various medical professionals, it became clear to us that we had doubts about vaccination. I believe I have expressed those doubts once before. However, it is not in the nature of the medical trade to heed vague doubts - they challenged us, and that rigorously.

Being somewhat thoughtful people, we realized that neither our nebulous fears nor their impassioned defense was sufficient to carry the day. Emotion is never a good basis for decision-making. I returned to the Internet and began to research vaccines assiduously.

My methodology was simple. I looked up the product monographs for various vaccines, and then I looked up each chemical and biological ingredient that went into the making of these vaccines. Some were clear toxins, and dangerous ones (formalin, for example). Others were simply disquieting ingredients (bovine serum is my favourite).

For some people, what I found is enough to warrant not vaccinating their children. For others, vaccinations are tried and true, and worries over toxins mere paranoia. The purpose of this post is not to debate toxins nor to address concerns over disorders such as autism. What I want to address is the creepy part, the sick-making part, that which is both Twilight Zone and the twisting corruption of Mordor.

In several vaccines the [attenuated] virus that is needed to trigger the body's immune system has been propagated in "human diploid cell lines." Further research indicates that the cell lines in question are "WI-38" and "MRC5." Are you baffled by this double-speak? I was. I looked further.

WI-38 and MRC5 refer to two aborted fetuses - babies - whose cells have been used since the 60's and the 70's, respectively, to propagate viruses for our antiviral vaccination programme. Central to this programme are the dTap and MMR vaccines, vaccines that save children from travesties such as polio and rubella... vaccines that make use of these "human diploid cell lines."

Let me make this clearer. With few exceptions, when we save our children from polio or rubella through vaccination, we are profiting from the death of two murdered children. What price health if it is purchased in the blood of innocents?

I still shake with the horror of that initial finding, just a couple months ago. I still boil with anger, with outrage. I still cross myself, crying for our Lord's mercy.

There are ethical alternatives out there, but they are not easily available to Canadians or Americans. However, if you want your child vaccinated, I cannot think how else as a Christian you can do so.

And if you are wondering what WI-38 and MRC5 mean, they are the final indignity heaped on a human person, the replacement of name for a code. Wistar Institute fetal sample no. 38 refers to an unnamed girl presumably aborted in 1961 (source 1 and 2). Medical Research Council strain no. 5 refers to an unnamed boy presumably aborted in 1966 (source 1 and 2). See also this source.

The marvel to me is that I have never heard this before. I have lived all my life in pro-life circles. My grandfather was the secretary of a prominent pro-life organization. And yet no one knows. Is it just that we don't care? Are we hypocritical, publicly decrying the holocaust of the millions of unborn while privately benefiting from the destruction of two of these unborn? Are we just ignorant? Lazy in our research? What is the matter?

The research is easily available. I'm not making this stuff up ... look it up for yourself. And yet no one knows. It was news to our hospital paediatrician, to the pharmacist she asked to persuade us, to our referring paediatrician. It was news to our priest.

I add my voice to the others that are speaking out, that the walls of silence can be breached and the pro-life community can act against this monstrosity.

- V.

[I discovered, while gathering my links to show sources, that Scrivener has addressed this issue already, and done so with considerable eloquence. His post is here.]


V & E said...

I would feel much happier, I think, referring to the child whose cells go into the WI-38 cell line by a name. Any name, really - just not a code.

I know that she is known to God in heaven by His name for her, but here on earth she should be known by more than WI-38. Winona, perhaps.

Similarly, MRC5 should be remembered also as more than a nameless fetus or as a meaningless sequence of numbers and letters. He is a martyr to our selfishness. Perhaps Marc would be a better name.

Random thoughts, these. I know there are far greater issues at stake here, but the lack of a name disturbs me enormously. And I think - suspect - that this is something that would be an issue for God also, He who is the keeper and rememberer of all our names.

- V.

Anonymous said...

What amazes me is the arrogant presumption of those in the medical research establishment and the corporations that produce these vaccines, that we have no need to be told up front the source of these vaccines. Great work, by the way, in digging up the truth.
They are the epitome of the nanny-state mentality. "Shh. Don't worry about your little moral issues. We know what is best for you and your children. We have moved beyond such irrelevancies as morality."
They are up to their elbows in blood and they nonchalantly expect us to participate.

V & E said...

Thanks for your comments, Les.

I can't feel that any credit is due me in finding this out. The scientific community does not hide this - we are simply uninformed. And I stumbled across it by happenstance.

I have to tell you that I was incredulous at first - I just could not believe what I was reading.

What do we do now? Personally, I am trying to tell as many people as possible what I have found, to save them from unwittingly dipping their hands in the blood of innocents. Do you know any people in the pro-life movement? People who will listen, and then advocate? Because it chills me that we don't know.

As a sidebar, and in response to your comment about arrogance in not telling us vital information, I cannot help but wonder what else they aren't telling us for our own good. Frightening thought.


Anonymous said...

I guess it is not a secret but I just learned recently that Chemotherapy uses a derivative of mustard gas, that was used in WWI and since banned for warfare by international treaty.

I suppose with a lot of it sitting around they had to find some use for it.

mamamouse said...

Hi V, yes, we found this out too--after we had already begun vaccinating J.S. We both wanted to be sick. Have you found any alternatives? I'm curious as to your further decisions and findings... but we'll have more opportunity to talk on the 26th...

V & E said...

Good to hear from you, Mama Mouse.

We will be writing a follow-up post on the subject of vaccination, exploring the alternatives. At some point. Hopefully this will predate our chat of the 26th.

- V.

Anonymous said...

I am glad I read this post - but sickened also. I will have to speak to my wife, but I am sure that our next child will not be vaccinated by with these vaccines. I also wonder if there are alternatives...

I have contacts in the local pro-life organization, and they have neither heard of this nor did they seem to care.

I think a lot of us are more comfortable protesting something that's "out there" and much less comnfortable when it means making personal sacrifices.

We say that these fetuses are little babies. We say that they are human, but our outrage is not what it might be if the government legalized the murder of 2 year olds.

I wonder, perhaps, if many pro-lifers aren't even interested in this issue... after all, they have their own kids to vaccinate and protect.