Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Priestly bloggers

For reasons that escape me, the weekend before last I looked for Orthodox priests who blogged (in English). I found fifteen, and one subdeacon. Who knew that there were so many?

This is not an exhaustive list, as I kept finding more the more I looked. But it is an interesting one. It is also a list to explore - our priests offer a voice of authority in an Internet with none.

  • Glory to God for All Things - Fr. Stephen Freeman's (OCA) blog is the best out there. He teaches Orthodoxy without apology or diminishment. A source of spiritual food and a must-have for the Orthodox blogroll. (We must remember Fr. Stephen and this ministry in our prayers.)
  • Second Terrace - Fr. Jonathan Tobias (ACROD) is a poet and a philosopher. His is another of my favourite blogs.
After those personal favourites, here are the rest:

  • Again and Again - I just found this blog by Fr. Milovan Katanic (Serbian), so I don't know its flavour yet. But he writes on a variety of topics and appears quite Orthodox, and people I like like him.
  • Koinonia - Fr. Gregory Jensen (Greek) shares this blog with 7 other "members", one of whom is a Fr. James Early (Antiochian) - that said, all the most recent posts are Fr. Gregory's . His posts are dense, meaty. I need to do more reading before I can say any more.
  • Antioch Abouna - This is another great place to go for Orthodox teaching on or response to a wide variety of topics. Fr. Gregory Stockport (Antiochian) is the author.
  • Fr. John Whiteford's News, Comments, & Reflections - As advertised, Fr. John Whiteford (ROCA) uses news items as a launching point for his thoughts. Typically conservative and political.
  • Orthodixie - Fr. Joseph Honeycutt's (Antiochian) blog is a popular stop for many Orthodox. Many of his posts touch on materials covered in his podcast.
  • Conversi ad Dominum - Apparently, this Latin call to worship is the equivalent to Ad orientem. Fr. John W. Fenton (Western rite) posts on a range of topics, typically derived from life and current events. A fascinating blog in that it is a glimpse into the life of the Western rite.
  • The Traveling Priest Chronicles - Here is an exceedingly wide range - sermons to snippets of posts, pop culture to theology to politics. Written by Fr. John Chagnon (Antiochian).
  • Fr. Peter-Michael Preble - Fr. Peter Preble (Romanian) responds to current events and the calendar of the year. He also takes prayer requests.
  • Writings of a Fr. Costa Christo - Fr. Costa Christo (Greek) posts quotations from the Fathers (and Orthodox theologians) on various topics.
  • Looking East and West - So far this blog by Fr. Stephen Herney (Western rite) has only 13 posts on a range of topics, all written from an Orthodox Christian perspective. We hope that he will continue his venture.
  • Devshirme - Fr. Gregory Christakos (Greek) writes on a variety of topics. This blog is more of a traditional diary-like weblog.
And the remainder ...
  • Ora et Labora - This is the highly respected blog by an anonymous priest. I list the blog down here in part because the priest is anonymous (giving us the interesting question as to how much of an authority is an anonymous priest), and in part because the writer hasn't posted since August, 2008.
  • Ad orientem - In theory this blog is shared between "John" and Fr. David Thatcher (OCA). But the latter doesn't appear to have posted often, if ever. Instead ...
  • Fr. David's Blog is found on the parish website. Unfortunately, Fr. David hasn't posted there either since March, 2008.
Happy surfing! and let me know of any others to add to my list.

- V.


Anonymous said...

I like the priest bloggers that post their homilies.

Esteban Vázquez said...

Re: Ora et Labora, its author is not a priest, but a hierodeacon.

V and E said...


Correction noted.

I note also that the good hierodeacon is back in the saddle, and posting up a storm.

- V.

Fr. Gregory Jensen said...

Small correction, I was ordained by Metropolitan MAXIMOS and served as a priest in the GOA for 12 years but am now in the OCA.

Thanks for the link.